What is emulsification?

What is emulsification?

A. small molecules of lipid combine to form large molecule

B. large molecule split into smaller molecules

C. it is a process which enhances solubility of lipid

D. none of the above

Answer: large molecule split into smaller molecules

Digestion and Absorption objective questions and Answers –Set-1

1. Through which vein, the long chain fatty acids enters into the blood?

2. What is emulsification?

3. Which method is used for the transport of amino acids?

4. What is the dental formula of human being?

5. Which one serves as a passage for both food and air?

6. Bile juice is stored in which organ of human body?

7. Which one of the following sequence is in correct order?

8. The innermost layer of human gut forms irregular folds in the stomach which are known as

9. How many salivary glands are present in human being?

10. Which one of the following is regarded as source of instant energy?

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