Which of the following match is correct?

Which of the following match is correct?

A. Renin-Protein

B. Trypsin-starch

C. Invertase-Sucrase

D. Amylase-Lactose

Answer: Invertase-Sucrase

Digestion and Absorption MCQs and Answers –Set-7

1. A large lymph vessel present in the villus of small intestine is called

2. Which of the following match is correct?

3. Match the following columns

4. Which one of the following sugar is most rapidly absorbed in the human gut?

5. Select the true statement regarding the digestion and absorption of food in humans.

6. Absorption of fat occours through the process of

7. What is common among amylase, renin and trypsin?

8. What name would you suggest for a thoroughly mixed food with gastric juices by the churning movements of muscular stomach wall?

9. Which is the inactive form of enzyme, pepsin?

10. Pepsinogen is converted into active form of enzyme pepsin with the help of which of the following compound?

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