Catabolic processes ___________

Catabolic processes ___________

A. Make complex molecules

B. Break complex molecules

C. Occur in autotrophs

D. Occur in heterotrophs

Answer: Make complex molecules

Breathing and Exchange of Gases NEET Questions –Set-4

1. In which of the following animal respiration occur without any respiration organs?

2. Fishes respire through skin.

3. The product of glycolysis is ________

4. Where in the cell most of the aerobic respiration takes place?

5. Which of the following occurs both in photosynthesis and respiration?

6. Which of the following is true for anaerobic respiration?

7. Catabolic processes ___________

8. Respiration is controlled by _________

9. The majority of carbon dioxide produced by the body is transported to lungs _______

10. Which one of the following mammalian cells are not capable of metabolizing glucose to carbon dioxide aerobically?

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