Cramps during exercise are caused due to _______

Cramps during exercise are caused due to _______

A. Chemiosmosis

B. Glycolysis inhibition

C. Lactic acid fermentation

D. Alcohol fermentation

Answer: Lactic acid fermentation

Class 11 Biology Breathing and Exchange of Gases Solved MCQs –Set-9

1. During inspiration the diaphragm _______

2. Respiration is a physical process and depends on the principle of diffusion.

3. Cramps during exercise are caused due to _______

4. A person can expel all the air from the lungs.

5. Which of the following is the product of the Krebs cycle?

6. Which of the following Produces maximum ATP?

7. RQ is _____________

8. The epithelial tissues present on the inner surface of bronchioles and fallopian tubules are

9. The site of respiration inside the lungs are _________

10. The number of gills present in Osteichthyes is _________

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