Digested fats are absorbed in:

Digested fats are absorbed in:

A. lacteal

B. capillaries

C. artery

D. vein

Answer: lacteal

Body Fluids and Circulation AIIMS Questions and Answers –Set-11

1. Which of the following is an anticoagulant?

2. Which of the following metal ion is required in blood coagulation?

3. The haemolytic disease of the new born occurs only when :

4. Which of the following are agranulocytes?

5. The life span of mammalian RBC is :

6. Polycythemia refers to abnormally large number of :

7. Transport of respiratory gases in insects takes place through:

8. Digested fats are absorbed in:

9. The cardiac impulse originates from:

10. The correct sequence of conduction of cardiac impulse is:

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