Heart of Cockroach is:

Heart of Cockroach is:

A. 3 chambered

B. 13chambered

C. 9chambered

D. 12chambered

Answer: 13chambered

Body Fluids and Circulation JIPMER Solved Questions –Set-12

1. There is no mixing of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in the heart of:

2. Hypophysial portal vein transport blood from:

3. The pathway of oxygen transport from lungs to leg muscle is :

4. Which of these has oxygenated blood?

5. Artificial pacemaker is implanted in an individual due to defect in

6. Lub sound is produced during heart beat is caused by:

7. Which of the following blood cell is involved in antibody production?

8. Two chambered heart is a feature of:

9. The duration of cardiac cycle is:

10. Heart of Cockroach is:

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