Hemoglobin is a ___________

Hemoglobin is a ___________

A. respiratory pigment

B. reproductive pigment

C. fat

D. carbohydrate

Answer: respiratory pigment

Body Fluids and Circulation AIIMS Solved Questions –Set-10

1. Irregular nuclei are seen in ______________

2. Hemoglobin is a ___________

3. Hemophilia is due to absence of __________

4. Which of the following is not the cellular element of blood?

5. Red cell count is carried out using _____________

6. How many types of blood groups are present?

7. Which of the following blood group is considered a universal donor?

8. The antigens for ABO and Rh blood groups are present on ____________

9. Which of the following blood group is referred as a universal recipient?

10. What are the two blood tests?

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