In determining phenotype of ABO system ___________

In determining phenotype of ABO system ___________

A. O is dominant over A

B. B is dominant over A

C. O is recessive

D. A is dominant over O

Answer: O is recessive

Important Questions on Body Fluids and Circulation –Set-3

1. What is the process of transfer of human blood known as?

2. Which is the rarest blood group?

3. Who discovered blood groups?

4. Rh group was discovered in _________

5. If the blood group of an individual is A then the antibody present is _________

6. Which blood type can be transfused to the individual whose blood type is unknown?

7. In determining phenotype of ABO system ___________

8. Tissue plasmin activator _______________

9. Which of the following will not coagulate when placed separately on four slides?

10. The vitamin essential for blood clotting is _______

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