Largest sized RBC is seen in _______

Largest sized RBC is seen in _______

A. elephant

B. whale

C. man

D. amphiuma

Answer: amphiuma

Class 11 Biology Body Fluids and Circulation Solved MCQS –Set-9

1. Which of the following has closed circulatory system?

2. Single circulation is found in fishes.

3. Which of the following component cause coagulation if introduced to the blood stream?

4. Process of formation of blood corpuscles is called ____________

5. The normal blood pressure of an adult is __________

6. What is Pernicious anemia?

7. Graveyard of RBC is ____________

8. Which leucocytes release heparin and histamine into the blood?

9. Which among the following is true regarding leucocytes?

10. Largest sized RBC is seen in _______

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