Mitral valve is present between __________

Mitral valve is present between __________

A. right atrium and left ventricle

B. right and left ventricle

C. left ventricle and aorta

D. left atrium and left ventricle

Answer: left atrium and left ventricle

Body Fluids and Circulation objective questions and Answers –Set-7

1. SA node is located in _____

2. “Bundle of HIS” is made up of _________

3. Blood enters into the heart because of muscles of _______

4. The opening of right atrium into right ventricle is guarded by _______

5. Mitral valve is present between __________

6. Cardiac output is determined by _______

7. In human being the duration of cardiac cycle is ___________

8. The volume of blood each ventricle pumps out during a cardiac cycle is about ___________

9. What is the definition of the cardiac cycle?

10. Name the three phases of cardiac cycle in the order ____________

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