Open circulatory system is present in:

Open circulatory system is present in:

A. Periplaneta and Apis

B. Periplaneta and Pheretima

C. Pheretima and Hirudinaria

D. Octopus and Neries

Answer: Periplaneta and Apis

Body Fluids and Circulation Previous years Solved Questions –Set-13

1. Which of the following is essential for coagulation of blood?

2. Nucleus is absent in:

3. In the ECG of a normal healthy individual, one of the following waves is not represented:

4. The deposition of lipids on the wall lining the lumen of large and medium sized arteries is referred as:

5. Which is the correct sequence of types of WBCs in decreasing order in terms of number per mm3 of human blood?

6. Rh- person donated blood to Rh+ person for the second time. Then:

7. Largest amount of urea is carried in Human by:

8. Maximum surface area of our circulatory system is present in:

9. Open circulatory system is present in:

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