Respiratory control centres are located in

Respiratory control centres are located in

A. lungs

B. medulla oblongata

C. spinal cord

D. ribs

Answer: medulla oblongata

Breathing and Exchange of Gases Short Questions for NEET –Set-5

1. A lung contains many small balloon like air sacs called

2. Intercoastal muscles regulate the movement of

3. Respiratory control centres are located in

4. The deoxygenated blood from heart comes to the lungs by

5. The metal ion present in haemoglobin is

6. How much fraction of oxygen is transported to tissues through RBCs?

7. H2CO3 is converted into CO2 and H2O with the help of an enzyme known as

8. The largest amount of CO2 is transported in blood as

9. Chloride back-shiftis associated with the transport of

10. Bronchitis is a

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