SARS is ________

SARS is ________

A. An acute form of asthma

B. Caused by variant of Corona virus

C. Caused by a variant of Pneumococcus pneumoniae

D. Affects non vegetarians faster

Answer: Caused by variant of Corona virus

Breathing and Exchange of Gases AIIMS Solved Questions –Set-11

1. Pneumotaxic centre which can moderate the functions of the respiratory rhythm centre is present at ____________

2. Which of the following is the cofactor of carbonic anhydrase?

3. Breathing rate in human is controlled by _____________

4. Humans breathe by negative pressure.

5. The primary stimulus for respiratory centre is ___________

6. The respiratory centre sends out nerve impulses to __________

7. Emphysema is a ______________

8. Congestion of lungs in one of the main symptoms in ________

9. SARS is ________

10. Alveoli become enlarged and damaged with reduced surface area in heavy smokers. This condition is called ___________

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