Select the correct statement:

Select the correct statement:

A. T-wave in ECG marks the end of systole

B. T-wave represents the electrical excitation of atria

C. P-wave represents depolarization of ventricle

D. QRS complex represents repolarisation of ventricle

Answer: More on lower surface

Body Fluids and Circulation MCQs and Answers –Set-1

1. Highest amount of CO2 is carried through:

2. Select the correct statement:

3. Cardiac output is increased by:

4. Cardiac function is moderated by a special neural centre present in:

5. Which of the following is not a part of systemic circulation?

6. Select the wrong statement:

7. SAN is located in:

8. Incomplete double circulation is present in:

9. Formed elements in the blood are trapped at the site of injury by:

10. The back flow of blood from left ventricle to right auricle is prevented by:

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