The breathing rate of normal healthy man is

The breathing rate of normal healthy man is

A. 8-18 times/min

B. 6-12 times/min

C. 16-24 times/min

D. 12-16 times/min

Answer: 12-16 times/min

Breathing and Exchange of Gases MCQs and Answers –Set-1

1. Which is the last step involved in respiration

2. The breathing rate of normal healthy man is

3. What is the value of tidal volume in a normal healthy man?

4. What is the value of pCO2 in atmospheric air, alveoli and tissues respectively?

5. Which part of Hb, O2 molecules bind?

6. How much CO2 is delivered to the alveoli by every 100 ml of deoxygenated blood?

7. A pair of external nostrils present in human opens out

8. Which instrument helps in clinical assessment of pulmonary functions?

9. Diaphragm is dome shaped muscular structure which separates

10 What happens when pressure within the pulmonary cavity is higher than the atmosphere pressure?

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