What is heart made up of?

What is heart made up of?

A. Skin

B. Bone

C. Muscle

D. Tissues

Answer: Muscle

Body Fluids and Circulation NEET MCQ –Set-2

1. Which of the following is involved in CO2 transport from brain tissue to lungs?

2. The cardiac output of a healthy individual is:

3. How many types of circulatory pathways are present?

4. Cockroach and other insects have blood which __________

5. Blood vascular system of earthworm is ____________

6. In which of the following animals hemoglobin is found dissolved in plasma?

7. What is heart made up of?

8. What is a circulatory system?

9. What makes blood clotting possible?

10. Which of the following is not the function of WBC?

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