What is the function of trachea?

What is the function of trachea?

A. Filters air we breathe

B. Releases air out of the body

C. Carries air to lungs

D. Exchange of gas

Answer: Filters air we breathe

Breathing and Exchange of Gases Class 11 questions and answers –Set-6

1. _________ acts as air conditioners.

2. Finest branches of bronchial intercom are bronchioles.

3. What is the function of trachea?

4. The trachea leads to the ________

5. Hyaline cartilage has a primary function of ______________

6. Which of the following does not belong to conducting portion of the respiratory system?

7. The structure which closes of larynx is _________

8. Oxygen is carried by __________

9. In glycolysis during oxidation electrons are removed by __________

10. RQ of fat is ____________

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