What is the upper region of pharynx called?

What is the upper region of pharynx called?

A. Oropharynx

B. Nasopharynx

C. Laryngopharynx

D. None of these

Answer: Nasopharynx

Breathing and Exchange of Gases AIIMS Questions and Answers –Set-12

1. Ascent of high mountains may cause altitude sickness in men. Prime cause for this is _______

2. Increased asthmatic attacks in certain seasons are related to ________

3. Which of the following is a disorder in which cell division takes place without any control and causes tumor?

4. Strep throat is a viral infection.

5. Tuberculosis cannot be treated by antibiotics.

6. Respiration is helpful in

7. The surface, from which the exchange of gas takes place is called

8. Which of the following shows pulmonary respiration

9. What is the upper region of pharynx called?

10. The trachea is supported by cartilaginous rings which are…………shaped

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