Podocytes are found in ______________

Podocytes are found in ______________

(A) Cortex of nephron

(B) Outer wall of Bowman’s capsule

(C) Inner wall of Bowman’s capsule

(D) Wall of glomerular capillaries

Answer: Inner wall of Bowman’s capsule

Excretory Products and their Elimination Short Questions for NEET –Set-1

1. Primary excretory organs are kidneys while accessory excretory organs urinary bladder.

2. Which of the following facilitates reabsorption of water by nephron?

3. Main function of Henle’s loop is ___________

4. What is the function of ADH?

5. Glucose is mainly reabsorbed in _______

6. Part of nephron impermeable to salt is ____________

7. Podocytes are found in ______________

8. PCT is lined with ______________

9. Which of the following is the urinary bladder of embryo?

10. Longest loop of Henle is found in ___________

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