Sea gulls excrete salts from ___________

Sea gulls excrete salts from ___________

(A) Nasal chamber

(B) Liver

(C) Lungs

(D) Kidneys

Answer: Nasal chamber

Excretory Products and their Elimination NEET Questions –Set-2

1. Sea gulls excrete salts from ___________

2. Simultaneous movement of two molecules across a membrane in the same direction is known as

3. A condition in which body’s internal environment remains nearly constant is called as _________

4. The presence of arginase confirms that ___________

5. Removal of amino group to transform into keto acid is called ___________

6. In the ornithine cycle which of the following waste is removed from the blood?

7. The function of flame cell is ____________

8. Urea is directly produced in mammals from ___________

9. Which blood vessel carries the least amount of urea?

10. The amino acid that acts as carrier of ammonia from skeletal muscle to the liver is ____________

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