Uricotelism is found in ____________

Uricotelism is found in ____________

(A) Birds reptiles and insects

(B) Frogs and toads

(C) Mammals and birds

(D) Fishes and fresh water protozoans

Answer: Mammals and birds

Important Questions on Excretory Products and their Elimination –Set-3

1. The two kidneys lie:

2. Which blood vessel takes blood away from kidney?

3. Which hormone influence the activity of kidney?

4. If liver from body is removed then which component of blood increases

5. Uricotelism is found in ____________

6. A terrestrial animal must be able to ________

7. Animals which excrete urea are known as ____________

8. Which of the following nephridia are not found in earthworm?

9. Excretory waste of birds and reptiles are _________

10. Which of the following is the only vertebrate osmoconformer?

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