What is the function of ADH?

What is the function of ADH?

(A) Controls sugar level in blood

(B) Increases water absorption

(C) Decreases water absorption

(D) Synthesis of salt

Answer: Increases water absorption

Excretory Products and their Elimination Short Questions for NEET –Set-1

1. Primary excretory organs are kidneys while accessory excretory organs urinary bladder.

2. Which of the following facilitates reabsorption of water by nephron?

3. Main function of Henle’s loop is ___________

4. What is the function of ADH?

5. Glucose is mainly reabsorbed in _______

6. Part of nephron impermeable to salt is ____________

7. Podocytes are found in ______________

8. PCT is lined with ______________

9. Which of the following is the urinary bladder of embryo?

10. Longest loop of Henle is found in ___________

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