1000+ Quiz on Environment with FREE PDF

Quiz on Environment with FREE PDF contains 1000 questions covering all areas of environment. It is useful for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, UPSC, SSC, Bank, Railway, CTET and state board students preparing for examinations. These Quiz on Environment highlights the important aspects of environment and encourages them to learn more about the subject.

Quiz on Environment with FREE PDF

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1000+ MCQ Questions on Environmental Studies with FREE PDFClick Here
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Quiz Environmental Pollution Set – IIClick Here
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Quiz on Deforestation – Set IIClick Here
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Quiz on Ecological Explosion, Ecotone, Chemosynthesis, Biogeochemical cycleClick Here
Quiz on Miss Semple, Possibilism, Stratosphere, BiosphereClick Here
Quiz on Species Types, Nutritional eutrophication, acid rain, Marble CancerClick Here
Quiz on Soil Types, biogeographical realm, xerophyticClick Here
Quiz on Nitrogen Cycle, Greenhouse Gas, Biodiversity Hotspots, Ozone Depletion, Club of RomeClick Here
Quiz on Planktonic, Biological Magnification, Young lakes, Good Ozone, Bio-diversity lossClick Here
Quiz on UN Decade on Biodiversity, Commission on Phytosanitary MeasuresClick Here
Quiz on Biosphere, Wetlands, Mangrove ForestsClick Here
Quiz on Chipko Movement, Ozone Hole, Chlorofluorocarbons, Global warmingClick Here

These Quiz on Environment contains the concepts of:

Environmental Pollution: Environmental Pollution is the most insidious of the environmental problems that we face today and is the cause of many others, such as global warming and ozone destruction. Yet it is a problem whose solution will require an international consensus and concerted effort, with all parties recognizing the central role played by pollution caused by each person — in his or her daily life — through their responsible use of energy and resources.

Environmental Issues: Environmental issues have proliferated in today’s world, and we can’t seem to turn on the news without hearing of another oil spill, plant explosion, or environmental dispute. But it’s more than daily reports of disasters—major current environmental issues may include climate change, pollution, environmental degradation, and resource depletion. To help consumers become more environmentally friendly and raise awareness about these issues, we developed a line of reusable products that lets you cut back on your overall carbon footprint.

Disasters And Their Management: Natural disasters, technological hazards, accidents, and other emergencies have been a major problem for society since the beginning. In modern times, these so-called “accidents” have been giving rise to new problems, known as “disasters”.

Deforestation: Deforestation is the purposeful and large-scale removal of trees—usually occurring as a result of human activity. It occurs all over the world, including in the Amazon region. Dense forests tend to store more CO than open ones, so deforestation can cause wide-ranging effects on climate and biodiversity.

Human Societies: Human societies are the large social groups that emerge once humans begin to live in groups. Humans need social contact with other humans for our well-being. We are dependent on each other to provide the resources we require like food, protection, clothing, and technologies. We are social creatures by nature and it is natural to be together in groups.

Ecological Explosion: Ecological explosion means the enormous increase in numbers of some kind of living organism—it may be an infectious virus like influenza, a bacterium like bubonic plague, a fungus-like that of the potato disease, a green plant like the prickly pear, or an animal like the grey squirrel.

Ecotone: Ecotone draws inspiration from the common ecological concept of an ecotone (an area where two ecosystems meet and integrate). It seeks to create a similar experience where different expressions of wine, spirits, beer and cocktails meet and integrate. Ecotone has crafted cocktails using ingredients native to each community, building on the musical synergy between all aspects of the restaurant’s offerings.

Chemosynthesis: Chemosynthesis is the process by which certain microbes create energy. Animals that live around hydrothermal vents make their living from the chemicals coming out of the seafloor in the vent fluids!

Biogeochemical cycle: Biogeochemical cycles are also called biogeochemical cycles. We can define a cycle as a series of actions that repeats itself again and again. The word biogeochemical is a combination of two words “bio” and “geochemical”. Bio is from biology, which represents the life science that focuses on living things. Geochemical is from geology, which represents the natural science that focuses on Earth. The cycle is a repeating action that occurs time after time, for example, Day and Night, Spring and Summer, etc.

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