Water Releases from Idukki Reservoir in Kerala

With predictions by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) of a fresh bout of heavy rainfall in Kerala, as a precautionary measure, water was released from the Idukki reservoir.

This is the second time in three years that water has been released from the reservoir, the largest in the state and one of the highest arch dams in Asia.

Since the reservoir itself does not have shutters, two sluice gates of the Cheruthoni dam, part of the reservoir, were opened by 50 cm to release 100 cumecs of water.

When the shutters are opened, water will first reach the Cheruthoni river through the spillway and join the Periyar river at Vellakayam. Subsequently, the water will travel through areas like Thadiyambad and Karimban, followed by Chelachuvadu, Keerithodu and Pambla forest areas to reach the Lower Periyar dam. In anticipation of the opening of the Idukki reservoir, shutters of the Bhoothathankettu and Idamalayar dams had already been opened for smooth flow of water.