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1. For construction of a binary heap with property that parent node has value less than child node. In reference to that which line is incorrect. Line indexed from 1.

1. add(int k)
2. {
3.     heap_size++;
4.     int i = heap_size - 1;
5.     harr[i] = k;
6.     while (i != 0 && harr[parent(i)] < harr[i])
7.     {
8.             swap(&harr[i], &harr[parent(i)]);
9.             i = parent(i);
10.    }
11. }

a) Line – 3

b) Line – 5

c) Line – 6

d) Line – 7

Answer: Line – 6

2. What is the best case complexity in building a heap?

a) O(nlogn)

b) O(n2)

c) O(n*longn *logn)

d) O(n)

Answer: O(n)

3. Given an array of element 5, 7, 9, 1, 3, 10, 8, 4. Which of the following are the correct sequences of elements after inserting all the elements in a min-heap?

a) 1,3,4,5,7,8,9,10

b) 1,4,3,9,8,5,7,10

c) 1,3,4,5,8,7,9,10

d) 1,3,7,4,8,5,9,10

Answer: 1,3,4,5,7,8,9,10

4. State the complexity of algorithm given below.

	int function(vector<int> arr)
	int len=arr.length();
	return temp;

a) o(n)

b) O(logn)

c) O(1)

d) O(n logn)

Answer: O(n logn)

5. What is the location of a parent node for any arbitary node i?

a) (i/2) position

b) (i+1)/ position

c) floor(i/2) position

d) ceil(i/2) position

Answer: floor(i/2) position

6. Given the code, choose the correct option that is consistent with the code. (Here A is the heap)

	left-> 2*i
	right->2*i +1
	temp- > i
	if(left<= heap_length[A] ans A[left] >A[temp])
	temp -> left
	if (right = heap_length[A] and A[right] > A[temp])
	if temp!= i

a) It is the build function of max heap

b) It is the build function of min heap

c) It is general build function of any heap

d) It is used to search element in any heap

Answer: It is the build function of max heap

7. What is the space complexity of searching in a heap?

a) O(logn)

b) O(n)

c) O(1)

d) O(nlogn)

Answer: O(n)

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