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Expression Tree MCQs

1. An expression tree is a kind of?

a) Binary search tree

b) Fibonacci tree

c) Binary tree

d) Treap

Answer: Binary tree

2. The expression obtained by recursively producing a left expression, followed by an operator, followed by recursively producing a right expression is called?

a) prefix expression

b) infix expression

c) postfix expression

d) paranthesized expression

Answer: infix expression

3. The average depth of a binary tree is given as?

a) O(N)

b) O(log N)

c) O(M log N)

d) O(?N)

Answer: O(?N)

4. Only infix expression can be made into an expression tree.

a) true

b) false

Answer: false

5. An expression tree is created using?

a) postfix expression

b) prefix expression

c) infix expression

d) paranthesized expression

Answer: postfix expression

6. ++a*bc*+defg is an?

a) postfix expression

b) infix expression

c) prefix expression

d) invalid expression

Answer: prefix expression

7. An expression tree’s nodes can be deleted by calling?

a) malloc

b) calloc

c) delete

d) free

Answer: free

8. In an expression tree algorithm, what happens when an operand is encountered?

a) create one node pointing to a stack

b) pop the nodes from the stack

c) clear stack

d) merge all the nodes

Answer: create one node pointing to a stack

9. The leaves of an expression tree always contain?

a) operators

b) operands

c) null

d) expression

Answer: operands

10. What does the other nodes of an expression tree(except leaves) contain?

a) only operands

b) only operators

c) both operands and operators

d) expression

Answer: only operators

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