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KD Tree MCQs

1. Which of the following is the simplest data structure that supports range searching?

a) Heaps

b) binary search trees

c) AA-trees

d) K-d trees

Answer: K-d trees

2. In a k-d tree, k originally meant?

a) number of dimensions

b) size of tree

c) length of node

d) weight of node

Answer: number of dimensions

3. Each level in a k-d tree is made of?

a) dimension only

b) cutting and dimension

c) color code of node

d) size of the level

Answer: cutting and dimension

4. What is the worst case of finding the nearest neighbour?

a) O(N)

b) O(N log N)

c) O( log N)

d) O(N3)

Answer: O(N)

5. What is the run time of finding the nearest neighbour in a k-d tree?

a) O(2+ log N)

b) O( log N)

c) O(2d log N)

d) O( N log N)

Answer: O(2d log N)

6. How many prime concepts are available in nearest neighbour search in a kd tree?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

Answer: 3

7. Reducing search space by eliminating irrelevant trees is known as?

a) pruning

b) partial results

c) freeing space

d) traversing

Answer: pruning

8. Several kinds of queries are possible on a k-d called as?

a) partial queries

b) range queries

c) neighbour queries

d) search queries

Answer: range queries

9. What is the time taken for a range query for a perfectly balanced tree?

a) O(N)

b) O(log N)

c) O(?N+M)

d) O(?N)

Answer: O(?N+M)

10. In what time can a 2-d tree be constructed?

a) O(N)

b) O(N log N)

c) O(N2)

d) O(M log N)

Answer: O(N)

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