50+ Pairing Heap (Data Structure) MCQs with FREE PDF

We have the best collection of Pairing Heap (Data Structure) MCQs and answer with FREE PDF. These Pairing Heap (Data Structure) MCQs will help you to prepare for any competitive exams like: BCA, MCA, GATE, GRE, IES, PSC, UGC NET, DOEACC Exams at all levels – you just have to practice regularly.

Pairing Heap (Data Structure) MCQs

1. Which node contains a pointer to its parent?

a) root node

b) right most child

c) left most child

d) left sibling

Answer: left most child

2. What is the basic operation performed in a pairing heap?

a) merge

b) deletion

c) insertion

d) swapping

Answer: merge

3. If there are c children of the root, how many calls to the merge procedure is required to reassemble the heap?

a) c

b) c+1

c) c-1

d) 1

Answer: c-1

4. Which of the following methods is the best choice for complex applications?

a) binary heap

b) d-heap

c) treap

d) pairing heap

Answer: pairing heap

5. Pairing heaps time complexity was inspired by that of?

a) splay tree

b) treap

c) red-black tree

d) avl tree

Answer: splay tree

6. The roots of the elements of the subtrees are smaller than the root of the heap.

a) True

b) False

Answer: False

7. The amortized time efficiency for performing deletion of a minimum element is?

a) O(N)

b) O(log N)

c) O(N2)

d) O(M log N)

Answer: O(log N)

8. Out of the following given options, which is the fastest algorithm?

a) fibonacci heap

b) pairing heap

c) d-ary heap

d) binary heap

Answer: fibonacci heap

9. What is the run time efficiency of an insertion algorithm?

a) O(N)

b) O(log N)

c) O(N2)

d) O(M log N)

Answer: O(N)

10. What is the reason for the efficiency of a pairing heap?

a) simplicity

b) time-efficient

c) space-efficient

d) advanced

Answer: simplicity

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