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These MCQ On Data Structure and Answers are most important for your upcoming examinations. What is data structure? What are the types of data structure? Which data structure is used by map? Which data structure is used by map in C++? These are some frequently asked MCQs on Data structure in some previous years’ examinations. We, the Livemcqs team trying to provide some most important questions and answers on Data structure that will help you the most.

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The main objective of this Data Structure MCQ and Answers are to help all the students who are giving examinations on Data Structure. These MCQs will be very helpful for the revision and preparation of the semester as well as certification examinations in Data Structure.

These MCQs will also be beneficial for those who are preparing for competitive examinations like GATE, NET, PSU’s, etc. in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Branch or subject. Every MCQ set focuses on a specific topic of a given Chapter in Data Structure Subject.

MCQ On Data Structure and Answers: Topic Wise

Abstract Data Types

Array and Array OperationsClick Here
Stack OperationsClick Here
Queue OperationsClick Here
Singly Linked Lists OperationsClick Here
Singly Linked ListClick Here
Doubly Linked ListClick Here
Circular Linked ListClick Here
Stack using ArrayClick Here
Stack using Linked ListClick Here
Queue Using Array ProgramClick Here
Queue using Linked ListClick Here
Priority QueueClick Here
Double Ended QueueClick Here
Queue using StacksClick Here
Stack using QueuesClick Here

Application of Stacks

Decimal to Binary using StacksClick Here
Evaluation of an Infix Expression (Not Parenthesized)Click Here
Evaluation of a Prefix ExpressionClick Here
Evaluation of a Postfix ExpressionClick Here
Infix to Prefix ConversionClick Here
Infix to Postfix ConversionClick Here
Prefix to Infix ConversionClick Here
Postfix to Infix ConversionClick Here
Towers of HanoiClick Here
Reverse a Word using StackClick Here
Balanced ParenthesisClick Here

Arrays Types

Bit ArrayClick Here
Dynamic ArrayClick Here
Parallel ArrayClick Here
Sparse ArrayClick Here
Suffix ArrayClick Here
MatrixClick Here
Sparse MatrixClick Here
Count InversionClick Here
Rotation Array OperationClick Here
Reversal Array OperationClick Here
Number of Jumps to Reach End-array OperationClick Here

Types of Lists

Skip ListClick Here
Self Organizing ListClick Here
Xor Linked ListClick Here
Free ListClick Here

Binary Trees

Binary Trees using ArrayClick Here
Binary Trees using Linked ListsClick Here
Binary Tree OperationsClick Here
Preorder TraversalClick Here
Postorder TraversalClick Here
Inorder TraversalClick Here
Binary Tree PropertiesClick Here
Binary Search TreeClick Here
Balanced Binary TreeClick Here
Self Balancing Binary Search TreeClick Here
Randomized Binary Search TreeClick Here
AA TreeClick Here
AVL TreeClick Here
Cartesian TreeClick Here
Weight Balanced TreeClick Here
Red Black TreeClick Here
Top TreeClick Here
Splay TreeClick Here
TreapClick Here
Threaded Binary TreeClick Here
Tango TreeClick Here
RopeClick Here


B-TreeClick Here
B+ TreeClick Here
2-3 TreeClick Here


Ternary TreeClick Here
K-ary TreeClick Here
Van Emde Boas TreeClick Here
Disjoint-Set Data StructureClick Here
BinClick Here
KD TreeClick Here
Expression TreeClick Here


Binary HeapClick Here
Weak HeapClick Here
Binomial and Fibonacci HeapClick Here
D-ary HeapClick Here
Ternary HeapClick Here
Pairing HeapClick Here
Leftlist HeapClick Here
Skew HeapClick Here
Min/Max HeapClick Here


TrieClick Here
Suffix TreeClick Here

Hash Tables

Hash Tables Chaining using Linked ListsClick Here
Hash Tables Chaining using Doubly Linked ListsClick Here
Hash Tables Chaining with Binary TreesClick Here
Hash Tables Chaining with List HeadsClick Here
Hash Tables with Linear ProbingClick Here
Hash Tables with Quadratic ProbingClick Here
Hashing FunctionsClick Here
Double HashingClick Here
Hash TreeClick Here
Min HashClick Here
Direct Addressing TablesClick Here


Adjacency MatrixClick Here
Incidence Matrix and Graph Structured StackClick Here
Adjacency ListClick Here
Undirected GraphClick Here
Directed GraphClick Here
Directed Acyclic GraphClick Here
Propositional and Directed Acyclic Word GraphClick Here
Multigraph and HypergraphClick Here
Binary Decision Diagrams & and Inverter GraphClick Here

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