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Atomic and Molecular Masses MCQs

1. Nowadays, “amu” is replaced by ____

a) u

b) g

c) kg

d) am

Answer: u

2. A sample of carbon that contains 70% carbon-12 and 30% carbon-14. What do you think is the average atomic mass of this sample?

a) 14.5

b) 14.14

c) 14

d) 12

Answer: 14

3. ______ is the sum of atomic masses of the elements present in a molecule.

a) Average atomic mass

b) Atomic mass

c) Gram formula mass

d) Molecular mass

Answer: Molecular mass

4. What’s the molecular mass of carbon dioxide?

a) 43

b) 28

c) 44

d) 40

Answer: 44

5. What’s the formula mass of NaCl?

a) 23 u

b) 35.5 u

c) 58 u

d) 58.5 u

Answer: 58.5 u

6. Calculate the molecular mass of sucrose(C12H22O11) molecule?

a) 342 amu

b) 343 amu

c) 341 amu

d) 340 amu

Answer: 342 amu

7. As, per the current system, carbon-12 has been taken as the standard for measuring atomic masses.

a) True

b) False

Answer: True

8. What is the mass of hydrogen in terms of amu?

a) 1.0020 amu

b) 1.0180 amu

c) 1.0070 amu

d) 1.0080 amu

Answer: 1.0080 amu

9. What is the abbreviation of amu?

a) Atomic matter unit

b) Atomic mass unified

c) Atomic mass unit

d) At mass unity

Answer: Atomic mass unit

Atomic and Molecular Masses MCQs PDF Download

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