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Bond Parameters MCQs

1. The bond angle between the hydrogen atoms is _________

a) 104.5°

b) 104°

c) 105.4°

d) 105°

Answer: a

2. Strength of the bond between the two atoms can be known from bond dissociation enthalpy.

a) True

b) False

Answer: a

3. The bond enthalpy of H2O and OH are 502 KJ mol-1 and 427 KKJ mol-1. Then what is the average bond enthalpy?

a) 502 KJ mol-1

b) 464.5 KJ mol-1

c) 427 KJ mol-1

d) 75 KJ mol-1

Answer: b

4. What is the bond order of CO?

a) 3

b) 2

c) 1

d) 4

Answer: a

5. All the __________ species(molecules and ions) have the same bond order.

a) isotopic

b) isoelectronic

c) isobaric

d) isoneutronic

Answer: b

6. Resonance does stabilize the molecule.

a) False

b) True

Answer: b

7. Which of the following molecules may have a dipole movement?

a) N2

b) CH4

c) BeF2

d) H2O

Answer: d

8. Which of the following cannot be used to measure bond lengths?

a) Spectroscopy

b) X-ray diffraction

c) Electron diffraction

d) Young’s Double-slit method

Answer: d

9. The covalent radius in a chlorine molecule and van der Waal’s radius between chlorine molecules respectively can be ________ & _________

a) 99pm, 198pm

b) 198pm, 99pm

c) 198pm, 198pm

d) 99pm, 99m

Answer: a

10. What are the units of measuring the bond angle?

a) meters

b) kilograms

c) degree

d) mole

Answer: c

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