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Percentage Composition MCQs

1. Which of the following is an empirical formula?

a) C6H12O6

b) H2O2

c) CH4

d) C2H6

Answer: CH4

2. The molecular formula of a compound is C6H12O6. What’s the empirical formula for this compound?

a) C6H12O6

b) CHO

c) C2H6O2

d) CH2O

Answer: CH2O

3. A compound consists of 52.17% of carbon, 13.04% of hydrogen and 34.78% of oxygen. Find the molecular formula if the given molecular weight of the compound is 46g.

a) C2H5OH

b) C2H6

c) C6H12O6

d) CH2O

Answer: C2H5OH

4. Which of the following cannot be a molecular formula for an empirical formula HO?

a) H2O

b) H2O2

c) HO

d) HO2

Answer: H2O2

5. In glucose simplest ratio between C, H and O is ________

a) 6:12:6

b) 3:4:3

c) 1:2:1

d) 2:3:2

Answer: 1:2:1

6. Which of the following is true regarding molecular formula?

a) actual whole numbered ratio

b) rational numbered ratio

c) simplest possible whole numbered ratio

d) the same as the empirical ratio

Answer: actual whole numbered ratio

7. Which of the following cannot be an empirical formula?

a) NH3

b) C5H10

c) H2O

d) NaCl

Answer: C5H10

8. A _______ formula represents a whole number ratio to the simplest form.

a) Molecular

b) Empirical

c) Simpler

d) Shorter

Answer: b

9. Even without knowing the mass percent of each element, we can calculate the empirical formula.

a) True

b) False

Answer: b

10. __________ formula can be calculated if the molar mass is known after having an empirical formula.

a) Molecular

b) Empirical

c) Simpler

d) Shorter

Answer: a

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