Properties of Matter and their Measurement MCQs with FREE PDF

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Properties of Matter and their Measurement MCQs

1. How many scientific fundamental quantities are given S.I. units?

a) 5

b) 7

c) 3

d) 9

Answer: 7

2. What is the symbol of the amount of substance’s S.I. unit?

a) K

b) s

c) mol

d) kg

Answer: mol

3. What are the multiples for the prefixes yocto, atto respectively?

a) 10-24, 10-18

b) 10-9, 10-15

c) 10-15, 10-24

d) 10-24, 10-21

Answer: 10-24, 10-18

4. 1Litre = _______ m3.

a) 1000

b) 0.001

c) 1

d) 10

Answer: 0.001

5. What is the difference in units between Kelvin and centigrade scales of temperature?

a) 212.15

b) 32

c) 298

d) 273.15

Answer: 273.15

6. What is the human body temperature in Fahrenheit?

a) 212

b) 98.6

c) 273.15

d) 32

Answer: 98.6

7. Convert 40°C to °F.

a) 104K

b) 313°F

c) 104°F

d) 313K

Answer: 104°F

8. Which of the following may not be a physical property?

a) Odor

b) Color

c) Density

d) Composition

Answer: Composition

9. The observation of __________ properties needs a chemical change to occur.

a) Chemical

b) Physical

c) Extrinsic

d) Intrinsic

Answer: Chemical

10. Candela is the S.I. unit of _____

a) Luminous intensity

b) Thermodynamic temperature

c) Amount of substance

d) Electric current

Answer: Luminous intensity

Properties of Matter and their Measurement MCQs PDF Download

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