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Valence Bond Theory MCQs

1. Which type of bond is present between hydrogens in hydrogen molecule?

a) Sigma bond

b) Pi bond

c) Ionic bond

d) Metallic bond

Answer: Sigma bond

2. The pi-bond involves __________

a) axial overlapping

b) side-wise overlapping

c) end to end type of overlapping

d) head-on overlapping

Answer: side-wise overlapping

3. A pi bond is stronger than a sigma bond.

a) True

b) False

Answer: False

4. A __________ overlap doesn’t result in the formation of a bond.

a) positive

b) negative

c) zero

d) rational

Answer: zero

5. A positive overlap is same as ________

a) out-phase overlap

b) negative overlap

c) zero overlap

d) in-phase overlap

Answer: in-phase overlap

6. Valence bond theory explains the overlapping of atomic orbitals.

a) True

b) False

Answer: True

7. Which of the following is not a homonuclear diatomic molecule?

a) H2

b) N2

c) O2

d) HCl

Answer: HCl

8. What is the electronic configuration of carbon in it’s excited state?

a) 1s22s22p4

b) 1s22s22p3

c) 1s22s22p5

d) 1s22s12p4

Answer: 1s22s22p3

9. The bond enthalpy of ___________ molecule is 435.8 kJ mol-1.

a) Hydrogen

b) Oxygen

c) Nitrogen

d) Helium

Answer: Hydrogen

10. The strength of covalent ___________ extent of overlapping of orbitals.

a) may be or may not be related

b) is independent on

c) is dependent on

d) is not related to

Answer: is dependent on

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