Thermodynamics (Measurement of ?U and ?H: Calorimetry) MCQs with FREE PDF

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Calorimetry MCQs: Measurement of ?U and ?H

1. Bomb calorimeter is used to determine ____________

a) molar heat capacity

b) heat of combustion

c) rate kinetics

d) affinity

Answer: heat of combustion

2. ā€œcā€ the specific heat capacity of a substance is given by temperature difference is given by ?T and the heat energy is given by Q then what is the mass of the substance?

a) Q/c?T

b) c?T /Q

c) Qc?T

d) Q?T

Answer: Q/c?T

3. During the process of conversion of ice into the water, the specific heat capacity is given by

a) 0

b) positive

c) infinity

d) negative

Answer: infinity

4. What is the value of specific heat capacity in the adiabatic process?

a) 0

b) infinity

c) positive

d) negative

Answer: 0

5. When 1 kg of water at 373 k, is converted into steam how much amount of heat energy is required?

a) 22600 KJ

b) 226 KJ

c) 2260 KJ

d) 22.6 KJ

Answer: 2260 KJ

6. The total heat energy utilized for increasing the temperature by 4 degrees Kelvin in a 3 kgs substance is 100 KJ what is the specific heat capacity of that substance?

a) 8.34 KJ/g-k

b) 8.34 KJ/Kg-k

c) 8.34 KJKg-k

d) 8.34 KJ/Kg

Answer: 8.34 KJ/Kg-k

7. The enthalpy, internal energy during a process and change in volume are 500 units, 400 units, and 2 units. What is the pressure that is exerted on the gas during this process?

a) 20 units

b) 80 units

c) 100 units

d) 50 units

Answer: 50 units

8. Bomb calorimeter is __________ in nature.

a) isothermal

b) isochoric

c) isobaric

d) absolute

Answer: isochoric

9. If an exothermic reaction occurs in a Bomb calorimeter then the temperature of the water bath

a) increases

b) decreases

c) remains constant

d) cannot predict

Answer: increases

10. Heat capacity of a Bomb calorimeter is given by _______

a) CV

b) CP

c) CM

d) CB

Answer: CV

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