Thermodynamics (Thermodynamics Applications) MCQs with FREE PDF

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Thermodynamics Applications MCQs

1. 6 litres of an ideal gas expands isothermally at a temperature of 300 Kelvin up to 10 litres at a pressure of 5 atm, what is the work done?

a) 30 Newton metre

b) 80 Newton metre

c) 50 Newton metres

d) 20 Newton metre

Answer: 20 Newton metre

2. Which of the following is an intensive property?

a) Volume

b) Colour

c) Enthalpy

d) Internal energy

Answer: Colour

3. The value of the product of a universal gas constant and the temperature difference is given by 10 kJ/mol at 1 mole and the internal energy is given by 20 KJ, what is the enthalpy of this system in KJ?

a) 30

b) 10

c) 20

d) 200

Answer: 30

4. What is the difference in heat capacities at constant volume and pressure?

a) Universal volume constant

b) Universal gas constant

c) Universal pressure constant

d) Universal temperature constant

Answer: Universal gas constant

5. Write temperature difference in terms of heat capacity and heat energy?

a) ?T = q/C

b) ?T = qC

c) ?T = C/q

d) ?T = qm/C

Answer: ?T = q/C

6. If gas is expanded freely from 1 litre to 5 litres at a temperature of 60-degree centigrade what is the work done?

a) Positive

b) Negative

c) 0

d) Infinity

Answer: 0

7. The specific heat at constant pressure is given by the expression ____________

a) CV = dq/dT

b) CP = dq/dT

c) CV = dqdt

d) CP = dq/dt

Answer: CP = dq/dT

8. When an ideal gas is compressed in a piston using 5 atm of pressure through a 50-metre cube of volume, what is the amount of work done?

a) 10 Newton metre

b) 0.1 Newton metre

c) 250 Newton metre

d) 55 Newton metre

Answer: 250 Newton metre

9. When the pressure of 3 atm is exerted over a surface area of a 10-metre square, what is a force that is applied?

a) 30 Newton

b) 3.33 Newton

c) 0.33 Newton

d) 0.3 Newton

Answer: 30 Newton

10. Expansion of gas under zero pressure is free expansion.

a) True

b) False

Answer: True

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