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The effects of water pollution are far-reaching, extending well beyond the boundaries of the contaminated area. Water pollutants do not recognize political borders and can travel hundreds of miles before they undergo degradation or mix with an area of higher quality. Let’s discuss about some impacts of water pollution.

Effects Of Water Pollution

Diseases: They have a big impact on both humans and aquatic life. Aquatic life can’t survive in polluted water. When the ducks swim in the water, they drink the pollution and also pass it on to humans through food. Due to a huge inflow of these wastes, humans die because of diseases like typhoid, cholera, hepatitis etc. Polluted water causes a loss of habitat for other species from sea level up to the ocean waters.

Ruination of the ecosystem: Water pollution is a big problem that has been affecting our environment for quite some time now. With the rapid growth of man’s population, there has been an increasing need for water to meet his basic daily needs. This in turn has led to multiple instances of water pollution all over the world. Some of the problems caused due to this pollution include damage to natural water resources like rivers, lakes, ponds and much more. The list is very long and depressing.

Eutrophication: Pollution of water bodies is a continuous problem in many areas. A classic example of the ill-effects of water pollution is the eutrophication of small ponds and lakes in several parts of the world. One factor responsible for the eutrophication of ponds is the overgrowth of algae in them.

Adverse impact on the food chain: The impact of water pollution on the food chain is termed as bioaccumulation. The marine species are adversely affected due to the continuous exposure to toxins and pollutants for their growth. Since humans consume fishes, shellfishes or other aquatic species, they are more prone to demyelination of the nervous system. Demyelination of nervous system results in symptoms such as slurred speech, ataxia, weakness, tremor, blindness or death.

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