Hydrogen (Hydrides) MCQs With Answers

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Hydrides MCQs

1. Hydrides made from group 1 and 2 are known as ___________

a) complex hydrides

b) ionic hydrides

c) metallic hydrides

d) covalent hydrides

Answer: ionic hydrides

2. What is used for removing the last traces of water from organic compounds?

a) Hydrogen

b) Lithium aluminium hydride

c) Ionic hydrides

d) Molecular hydrides

Answer: Ionic hydrides

3. Molecular hydrides of formed from ______________

a) f-block elements

b) p- block elements

c) d-block elements

d) s- block elements

Answer: p- block elements

4. Which of the following acts as a ligand in complex Hydrides?

a) H2

b) H

c) H+

d) H

Answer: H

5. Which of the following is an example Of electron rich hydride?

a) methanol

b) methane

c) aluminium hydride

d) ammonia

Answer: ammonia

6. Methane is a electron _________ hydride.

a) poor

b) deficient

c) rich

d) precise

Answer: precise

7. Aluminium hydride is an electron deficient hydride.

a) true

b) false

Answer: true

8. Interstitial hydrides are also called as ____________

a) complex hydrides

b) molecular hydrides

c) ionic hydrides

d) metallic hydrides

Answer: metallic hydrides

9. Metallic hydrides are powerful _____________ agents.

a) oxidizing

b) reducing

c) combining

d) separating

Answer: oxidizing

10. LaH2.76 is an example of _______

a) molecular hydrides

b) metallic hydrides

c) covalent hydrides

d) ionic hydrides

Answer: metallic hydrides

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