Hydrogen (Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)) MCQs With Answers

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Hydrogen Peroxide MCQs

1. In which of the following, is hydrogen peroxide not stored?

a) Water

b) Acetanilide

c) Traces of alcohol

d) Sodium pyrophosphate

Answer: Water

2. Hydrogen peroxide is ______________ in nature.

a) non-acidic

b) acidic

c) neutral

d) basic

Answer: acidic

3. Hydrogen peroxide is a ______________

a) oxidizing agent

b) reducing agent

c) both reducing and oxidizing agent

d) neither reducing nor an oxidizing agent

Answer: both reducing and oxidizing agent

4. Hydrogen peroxide does not have any bleaching property.

a) True

b) False

Answer: False

5. What does hydrogen peroxide liberate from potassium iodide?

a) Nitrogen

b) Potassium

c) Iodine

d) Hydrogen

Answer: Iodine

6. What is 30% of hydrogen peroxide called?

a) Iodine

b) Perhydrol

c) Hydro

d) Chlorine

Answer: Perhydrol

7. 90% of hydrogen peroxide is used as fuel in ______________

a) electricity

b) submarines

c) bike

d) cycle

Answer: submarines

8. Which of the following is not a use of hydrogen peroxide?

a) Teardrops

b) Bleaching agent

c) Disinfectant

d) Antiseptic

Answer: Teardrops

9. What is the acute angle between oxygen and hydrogen in the solid form of hydrogen peroxide?

a) 111 4.5

b) 94.8

c) 92.5

d) 104.9

Answer: 104.9

10. Normality of hydrogen peroxide is given by 2 and what is its volume strength?

a) 5.9

b) 11.2

c) 5.6

d) 5.7

Answer: 11.2

Hydrogen Peroxide MCQs PDF

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