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Hydrology MCQs

1. On what does generation of Hydro power depends?

a) Quantity of water available

b) On capacity of turbine

c) Height of head

d) Storage capacity

Answer: Quantity of water available

2. On what does the Quantity of water available at selected site depends?

a) Temperature at the selected site

b) Humidity at selected site

c) Vegetation of the area

d) Hydrological cycle of area

Answer: Hydrological cycle of area

3. Capacity of hydraulic plant is dependent on __________

a) Minimum quantity of water available

b) Vegetation of the selected area

c) Maximum quantity of water available

d) Available head

Answer: Minimum quantity of water available

4. What are used to store water during peak periods?

a) Storage drums

b) Canals

c) Sews

d) Storage Reservoirs

Answer: Storage Reservoirs

5. The evaporation of water from the surfaces and its precipitation is known as ___________

a) Science

b) Infiltration

c) Hydrological cycle

d) Vegetation

Answer: Hydrological cycle

6. The shaft power developed by the water passing through the prime mover is given by _______

a) P = mgH/1000× no

b) P = mgH/100× no

c) P = mgH/10× no

d) P = mgH/no×1000

Answer: P = mgH/1000× no

7. What type of energy does rain falling holds relative to the oceans?

a) Potential energy

b) Kinematic energy

c) Electrical energy

d) Motion energy

Answer: Potential energy

8. How does Hydro power plays important in development of a country?

a) Shows the amount of water power in a country

b) Providing abundant amount of power

c) Providing power at cheap rate

d) Power production by hydro power plant is easier

Answer: Providing power at cheap rate

9. How much of the total amount of power developed world wide consists of hydro power plant?

a) 10%

b) 20%

c) 30%

d) 40%

Answer: 20%

10. Which two countries have vast hydro resources?

a) Hungary and Luxemburg

b) India and china

c) Russia and Nepal

d) Japan and Georgia

Answer: Russia and Nepal

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