Preparation of Dihydrogen MCQs With Answers

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Preparation of Dihydrogen MCQs

1. What are the reactants and Lane’s process?

a) iron and oxygen

b) hydrogen and oxygen

c) oxygen and water

d) iron and steam

Answer: iron and steam

2. What is sodium zincate made of?

a) Sodium and oxygen

b) Sodium, zinc, and oxygen

c) Zinc and oxygen

d) Sodium and zinc

Answer: Sodium, zinc, and oxygen

3. The highly pure hydrogen is obtained when?

a) Water gas shift reaction occurs

b) Lane’s process

c) Electrolysed with barium hydroxide solution

d) Hydrogen sulfate is reacted with zinc

Answer: Electrolysed with barium hydroxide solution

4. Pure zinc is not used in the production of hydrogen.

a) True

b) False

Answer: True

5. Nickel and chromium actors a catalyst in case of hydrogen production from hydrocarbons.

a) true

b) false

Answer: true

6. What is a brine solution?

a) salt

b) salt water

c) sweet

d) sweet water

Answer: salt water

7. Reduction occurs at the anode.

a) true

b) false

Answer: false

8. Which of the following mixture is known as water gas?

a) HCL

b) Oxygen and carbon dioxide

c) Hydrogen and deuterium

d) Carbon monoxide and hydrogen

Answer: Carbon monoxide and hydrogen

9. What is the process of producing syngas from coal known as?

a) coal gasification

b) metal gasification

c) iron gasification

d) zinc gasification

Answer: coal gasification

10. What are the products in the water gas shift reaction?

a) carbon dioxide and hydrogen

b) water and carbon dioxide

c) carbon monoxide and hydrogen

d) water and carbon monoxide

Answer: carbon dioxide and hydrogen

Preparation of Dihydrogen MCQs PDF

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