Thermodynamics (Spontaneity) MCQs with FREE PDF

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Spontaneity MCQs

1. Entropy is an ___________ property.

a) intensive

b) extensive

c) neither intensive or extensive

d) both intensive and extensive

Answer: extensive

2. Which of the following relation is true between Gibbs energy, enthalpy, temperature, and entropy?

a) G = H -TS

b) G = H -T

c) G = H -S

d) G = -TS

Answer: G = H -TS

3. Reaction is spontaneous if Gibbs free energy is __________

a) greater than zero

b) equal to zero

c) less than zero

d) infinity

Answer: less than zero

4. If the enthalpy is positive and entropy is negative, what do you understand about Gibbs free energy?

a) it is positive

b) negative

c) may be negative

d) may be positive

Answer: it is positive

5. The entropy of the universe is always increasing is ____________

a) zeroth law of thermodynamics

b) first law of thermodynamics

c) second law of thermodynamics

d) third law of thermodynamics

Answer: first law of thermodynamics

6. Third law of thermodynamics is only applicable for perfectly crystalline substances.

a) true

b) false

Answer: true

7. ?S(universe) > 0 can also be written as _________

a) ?S(system) + ?S(surroundings) > 0

b) ?S(surroundings) > 0

c) ?S(system)

d) ?S(system) – ?S(surroundings) > 0

Answer: ?S(system) + ?S(surroundings) > 0

8. Which of the following is not a spontaneous process?

a) sugar dissolves in water

b) melting of iron

c) rusting of iron

d) evaporation of water

Answer: melting of iron

9. Spontaneous reactions that occur or mostly ________in nature.

a) endothermic

b) exothermic

c) both endothermic and exothermic

d) neither exothermic nor endothermic

Answer: exothermic

10. Entropy increases for a spontaneous reaction.

a) true

b) false

Answer: true

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