Types of Water Pollutants and Effects MCQs with FREE PDF

There are many types of water pollutants. Some of them are dangerous to health while some are non- dangerous. It can cause cancer, genetic disorder, reproductive malfunction, birth defects etc. We have the best collection of Types of Water Pollutants and Effects MCQs with FREE PDF, which will help you to prepare for your upcoming exam preparation.

Types of Water Pollutants and Effects MCQs

1. Bacteria and micro organisms present in the water will cause _________ in human and animals.

a) Indigestion

b) Intestinal tract

c) Brain tumour

d) Cancer

Answer: Intestinal tract

2. Infectious hepatitis is caused by ___________

a) Bacteria

b) Viruses

c) Protozoa

d) Helminth

Answer: Viruses

3. Amoebic dysentery is caused by ___________

a) Viruses

b) Bacteria

c) Helminth

d) Protozoa

Answer: Protozoa

4. Bacteria in water causes ________

a) Malaria

b) Typhoid

c) Dengue

d) Chicken guinea

Answer: Typhoid

5. Helminth in the water causes __________

a) Hook worm

b) Amoebic dysentery

c) Cholera

d) Typhoid

Answer: Hook worm

6. The ____________ is an important requirement of the aquatic life.

a) Dissolved nitrogen

b) Dissolved chlorine

c) Dissolved oxygen

d) Dissolved methane

Answer: Dissolved oxygen

7. The optimum value in natural water is ________

a) 2-4ppm

b) 4-7ppm

c) 4-6ppm

d) 2-7ppm

Answer: 4-6ppm

8. What is the full form of BOD?

a) Biochemical oxygen demand

b) Biological oxygen demand

c) Biometric oxygen deep water

d) Biological oxygen deep water

Answer: Biochemical oxygen demand

9. COD is the short form of the chemical oxygen demand.

a) True

b) False

Answer: True

10. The disappearance of the plants and animals is due to the _________ in water.

a) Nitrogen depletion

b) Chlorine depletion

c) Oxygen depletion

d) Ozone depletion

Answer: Oxygen depletion

11. The decomposition of the matter produces into ___________ and in presence of ____________

a) Carbondioxide and oxygen

b) Oxygen and nitrogen

c) Nitrogen and carbondioxide

d) Nitrogen and chlorine

Answer: Carbondioxide and oxygen

12. The organic matter present in the water is of __________ types.

a) Two

b) Three

c) Four

d) Five

Answer: Two

13. ___________ poisoning water in Japan is from fishes.

a) Bismuth

b) Arsenic

c) Antimony

d) Palladium

Answer: Arsenic

14. Fishes can store more quantity of ___________ in their bodies.

a) Mercury

b) Bismuth

c) Palladium

d) Chlorine

Answer: Mercury

15. Waste water released from _________ are not the sources of bacteria.

a) Sanitaria

b) Municipalities

c) Tanning

d) Industries

Answer: Industries

Types of Water Pollutants and Effects MCQs PDF

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