Essay: Water Pollution Cause And Effect

Water Pollution – cause and effect essay example will give you the knowledge about the basic cause and effect writing process to develop a workable paper, by discussing both literary devices and Writing tips: The main reason behind water pollution is disposal of wastes and disposal of gray and black water in the form of sewage and septic.

Water Pollution Cause And Effect

The issue of water pollution has been a popular issue in today’s world. Water bodies located in all over the world have experienced the influx of pollutants and other harmful materials which could cause harm to humans and animals. I believe that water pollution can be prevented by implementing various measures.

Causes Of Water Pollution

Water pollution is caused by the man-made discharge in the environment. One of the many causes of water pollution is the point source pollution which are industrial plants scattered on the different parts of the world. These plants have been discharging by-products passing through the industrial pipes, straight directly to water bodies such as sea, lakes, and ocean. Thus, affects a major concern to the marine life environment.

Another cause is the sewage leakage underground amid a poor construction and engineering. Hence, this issue may contaminate the waste system underground. In addition, the oil spill from boats on the ocean is also a huge contributor to water pollution, because it is harmful not only to fishes but also to the sea plants which are the sources of oxygen in the ocean.

Effects Of Water Pollution

The effects of contamination of heavy metal content like lead, mercury, and magnesium to the water surface, affects the marine animal due to lead poisoning. This is the primary reason for the high mortality rate of fishes as a result of the polluted water environment, and then affected fish enters in the food chain. Consequently, the effects in human’s health are crucial nd severe.

To sum up, although these causes which contribute major effects to the water pollution are difficult to overcome, people can still mitigate this adversity by being disciplined and responsible member of the community. Hence, people must realize that water is one of the essential sources of life.

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