Hydrocarbons (Alkenes) MCQs (Class-11) And Answers

We have the best collection of Hydrocarbons (Alkenes) MCQs (Class-11) And Answers. These Hydrocarbons (Alkenes) MCQs (Class-11) And Answers will help you to prepare for any competitive exams like: NEET, AIIMS, JEE Mains, JEE Advance, IIT JEE, JIPMER and other Exams at all levels – you just have to practice regularly. These Hydrocarbons (Alkenes) MCQs (Class-11) And Answers contains most important Questions and Answers of Previous years questions papers of Medical & Engineering Entrance Tests and NCERT Books.

Alkenes MCQs

1. Alkenes show __________ isomerism.

a) only structural

b) only geometrical

c) both geometrical and structural

d) neither geometrical nor structural

Answer: c

2. Addition reaction of hydrogen Bromide to the unsymmetrical alkene follows __________

a) anti markovnikov’s rule

b) markovnikov’s rule

c) kharish effect

d) peroxide effect

Answer: b

3. What is kharash effect?

a) Dehydrogenation

b) Peroxide effect

c) Markovnikov’s rule

d) Addition of hydrogen

Answer: b

4. Which of the following is a Bayer’s reagent?

a) The neutral solution of HCL

b) An alcoholic solution of sodium carbonate

c) An acidic solution of potassium hydroxide

d) An aqueous solution of potassium permanganate

Answer: d

5. Which of the following compound is more acidic?

a) Alkane

b) Alkene

c) Alkyne

d) All of them are equally acidic

Answer: c

6. What is the intermediate conformation between eclipsed and staggered?

a) Staggered

b) Skew

c) Eclipse

d) Newman

Answer: b

7. Which of the following statement is true regarding the reactivity order in order to form alkyl halides?

a) Hydrogen iodide is less than that of hydrogen Bromide

b) Hydrogen Bromide is less than that of HCL

c) HCL is greater than that of hydrogen iodide

d) Hydrogen Bromide is less than that of hydrogen iodide

Answer: d

8. Alkenes are not called olefins.

a) True

b) False

Answer: b

9. Ethene is prepared from chloroethane this is an example of a reaction __________

a) from alkynes

b) removal of vicinal dihalides

c) acidic dehydrogenation

d) dehydrohalogenation

Answer: d

10. Alkene __________ in the physical properties of alkanes.

a) there is no comparison

b) differ completely

c) differ in a few aspects

d) same as

Answer: c

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