MCQ ON Solutions (Class-12) Chemistry with FREE PDF

MCQ on Solutions is popular among students, especially with regard to AIIMS, NEET and JEE entrance examinations. This MCQs on Solutions are designed to facilitate test-oriented learning which can also be used as a revision guide by students preparing for various competitive exams.

MCQ ON Solutions (Class-12) Chemistry with FREE PDF

These MCQ ON Solutions (Class-12) Chemistry with FREE PDF contains the following topics:

Solutions Chemistry Class 12 MCQ (Types of Solutions)
Solutions Chemistry Class 12 MCQ PDF (Expressing Concentration of Solutions)
MCQ Questions On Solutions In Chemistry Class 12 (Solubility Solutions)
Solution Chapter Class 12 Chemistry MCQ (Vapour Pressure of Liquid Solutions)
Class 12 Chemistry Chapter Solution MCQ (Ideal and Non-Ideal Solutions)
Objective Questions On Solutions Chemistry (Colligative Properties and Determination of Molar Mass)
Class 12 Chemistry Chapter Solution MCQ And Answer (Abnormal Molar Masses)

FAQs on Solutions (Class-12) Chemistry

What is Solution in chemistry 12th Class?

Solution is a mixture of solute and solvent. The solution has single phase principle because all the component of the solution have same physical state. Solution depends on concentration, temperature and pressure.

What is a solid Solution Class 12?

Solid solutions are an allotrope of a chemical compound with more or less than what is considered a typical stoichiometry (ratio). Solid solution is usually formed by mixing two solid components in molten state and then cooling the mixture. Solid solutions can be of two types: substitutional and interstitial solid solutions.

What is the 2nd chapter of chemistry class 12?

In this chapter, we will learn about: i) Concentration of Solutions ii) Solubility iii) Vapour Pressure of Liquid Solutions iv) Ideal and Non-Ideal Solutions v) Colligative Properties vi) Determination and Abnormal Molar Masses.

How many types of solution are there in class 12?

Solutions can be broadly categorized into two types: Homogeneous solutions are a mixture of two or more compounds present in a solution at a given temperature and pressure. A homogeneous solution is one which has a uniform composition and properties throughout the solution. The physical properties of a homogeneous solution do not change with variation in the concentration.

Is Class 12 easier than 11?

No matter what the class is, the syllabus for both class 12 and class 11 is same. Maintaining a balance between proficiency and understanding, we have kept the same level of difficulty in our new class 12th books as we had in our old class 11th books.

How do you get 100 in chemistry?

Chemistry is all about solving problems and understanding concepts. The NCERT textbooks cover this in minute detail. If you want to score a 100 in chemistry, make sure you don’t skip any chapter. Do make sure to at least try and understand the concepts in the chapter by working out the examples in the book itself.

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