Solid State Chemistry Class 12 Questions Answers (Crystal Lattices and Unit Cells)

Solid State Chemistry Class 12 Questions Answers (Crystal Lattices and Unit Cells) for AIIMS, NEET, JEE provides a comprehensive coverage of the fundamental concepts in the fields of Solid State Chemistry. It contains a variety of questions from previous years’ AIIMS, NEET and JEE papers.

Solid State Chemistry Class 12 Questions Answers (Crystal Lattices and Unit Cells)

1. Which of the following arrangements of particles does a simple cubic lattice follow?




d) AAA

Answer: AAA

2. If a crystal lattice has 6 closed-pack spheres, what the number of tetrahedral voids in the lattice?

a) 12

b) 6

c) 36

d) 3

Answer: 12

3. Which of the following possess anisotropic nature within their structure?

a) Hair wax

b) Snowflakes

c) Polythene

d) Crystal glass

Answer: Snowflakes

4. A compound is formed by atoms of elements A occupying the corners of the unit cell and an atom of element B present at the center of the unit cell. Deduce the formula of the compound.

a) AB2

b) AB3

c) AB4

d) AB

Answer: AB

5. Atoms of element X form a BCC and atoms of element Y occupy 3/4th of the tetrahedral voids. What is the formula of the compound?

a) X2Y3

b) X3Y2

c) X3Y4

d) X4Y3

Answer: X2Y3

6. What is the total volume of the particles present in a body centered unit cell?

a) 8?r3

b) \(\frac{8}{3}\)?r3

c) \(\frac{16}{3}\)?r3

d) \(\frac{32}{3}\)?r3

Answer: \(\frac{8}{3}\)?r3

7. If the aluminum unit cell exhibits face-centered behavior then how many unit cells are present in 54g of aluminum?

a) 1.2042 x 1024

b) 5.575 x 1021

c) 3.011 x 1023

d) 2.4088 x 1024

Answer: 3.011 x 1023

8. What is the radius of a metal atom if it crystallizes with body-centered lattice having a unit cell edge of 333 Pico meter?

a) 1538.06 pm

b) 769.03 pm

c) 288.38 pm

d) 144.19 pm

Answer: 144.19 pm

9. How many parameters are used to characterize a unit cell?

a) Six

b) Three

c) Two

d) Nine

Answer: Six

10. What is each point (position of particle) in a crystal lattice termed as?

a) Lattice index

b) Lattice point

c) Lattice lines

d) Lattice spot

Answer: Lattice index

11. If a metal forms a FCC lattice with unit edge length 500 pm. Calculate the density of the metal if its atomic mass is 110.

a) 2923 kg/m3

b) 5846 kg/m3

c) 8768 kg/m3

d) 1750 kg/m3

Answer: 5846 kg/m3

12. Which of the following is regarded as the ‘repeatable entity’ of a 3D crystal structure?

a) Unit cell

b) Lattice

c) Crystal

d) Bravais Index

Answer: Unit cell

13. Which of the following unit cells has constituent particles occupying the corner positions only?

a) Body-centered cell

b) Primitive cell

c) Face centered cell

d) End-centered cell

Answer: Primitive cell

14. What is the coordination number of a body-centered unit cell?

a) 6

b) 12

c) 8

d) 4

Answer: 8

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