Solid State Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions with Answers PDF (Packing Efficiency)

Solid State Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions with Answers PDF (Packing Efficiency) for AIIMS, NEET, JEE provides a comprehensive coverage of the fundamental concepts in the fields of Solid State Chemistry. It contains a variety of questions from previous years’ AIIMS, NEET and JEE papers.

Solid State Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions with Answers PDF (Packing Efficiency)

1. If the body-centered unit cell is assumed to be a cube of edge length ‘a’ with spherical particles of radius ‘r’ then how is the diameter, d of particle and surface area, S of the cell related?

a) S = 32d4/3

b) S = 2d2

c) S = 4d2

d) S = 8d2

Answer: S = 8d2

2. Which of the following metals would have the highest packing efficiency?

a) Copper

b) Potassium

c) Chromium

d) Polonium

Answer: Copper

3. “The packing efficiency can never be 100%”. Is this true or false?

a) False

b) True

Answer: True

4. What are the percentages of free space in a CCP and simple cubic lattice?

a) 52% and 74%

b) 48% and 26%

c) 26% and 48%

d) 74% and 52%

Answer: 26% and 48%

5. How many atoms surround the central atom present in a unit cell with the least free space available?

a) 4

b) 6

c) 8

d) 12

Answer: 12

6. If metallic atoms of mass 197 and radius 166 pm are arranged in ABCABC fashion then what is the surface area of each unit cell?

a) 1.32 × 106 pm2

b) 1.32 × 10-18pm2

c) 2.20 × 105 pm2

d) 2.20 × 10-19 pm2

Answer: 1.32 × 106 pm2

7. If copper, density = 9.0 g/cm3 and atomic mass 63.5, bears face-centered unit cells then what is the ratio of surface area to volume of each copper atom?

a) 0.0028

b) 0.0235

c) 0.0011

d) 0.0323

Answer: 0.0235

8. What does the ratio ‘space occupied/total space’ denote?

a) Packing factor

b) Packing efficiency

c) Particle fraction

d) Packing unit

Answer: Packing factor

9. What is the dimensional formula of packing fraction?

a) M0L3T0

b) M0L0T0

c) ML0T0

d) M0L2T0

Answer: M0L0T0

10. Arrange the types of arrangement in terms of decreasing packing efficiency.

a) BCC < Simple cubic < CCP

b) HCP < CCP < BCC

c) HCP < BCC < Simple cubic

d) CCP < BCC < HCP

Answer: HCP < BCC < Simple cubic

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