Solid State Important Questions (Amorphous and Crystalline Solids)

Solid State Important Questions (Amorphous and Crystalline Solids) for AIIMS, NEET, JEE provides a comprehensive coverage of the fundamental concepts in the fields of Solid State Chemistry. It contains a variety of questions from previous years’ AIIMS, NEET and JEE papers.

Solid State Important Questions (Amorphous and Crystalline Solids)

1. Which one of the following are the dimensions of cubic crystal?

a) a =b ≠ c

b) a = b = c and α = β ≠ γ = 90

c) a = b = c and α = β = γ = 90

d) a ≠ b = c and α = β ≠ γ = 90

Answer: a = b = c and α = β = γ = 90

2. Which of the following is not a crystal system?

a) Cubic

b) Trigonal

c) Triclinic

d) Hexaclinic

Answer: Hexaclinic

3. In face-centred cubic cell, a unit cell is shared equally by __________

a) four unit cells

b) two unit cells

c) one unit cell

d) six unit cells

Answer: six unit cells

4. The unit cell with a≠b≠c and α=β=γ=90 refers to __________ crystal system.

a) hexagonal

b) trigonal

c) triclinic

d) orthorhombic

Answer: orthorhombic

5. Which is the most unsymmetrical crystal system?

a) Triclinic crystal system

b) Cubic crystal system

c) Hexagonal crystal system

d) Trigonal crystal system

Answer: Triclinic crystal system

6. In the simple cubic cell, each corner atom is shared by __________

a) eight unit cells

b) one unit cell

c) two unit cells

d) six unit cells

Answer: eight unit cells

7. The points which shows the position of atoms in crystal are called as _________

a) crystal lattice

b) crystal parameters

c) bravais lattice

d) lattice point

Answer: lattice point

8. The unit cell with a≠b≠c and α=γ=90, β≠90 refers to __________crystal system.

a) cubic

b) tetragonal

c) monoclinic

d) triclinic

Answer: monoclinic

9. Which type of solid crystals will conduct heat and electricity?

a) Ionic

b) Covalent

c) Molecular

d) Metallic

Answer: Metallic

10. Which is not a characteristic of crystalline solids?

a) They undergo a clean cleavage

b) They are true solids

c) They are isotropic

d) They have sharp melting points

Answer: They are isotropic

11. Which of the following is a characteristic of amorphous solid?

a) They are true solids

b) They have sharp melting points

c) They undergo clear cleavage

d) They are isotropic

Answer: They are isotropic

12. Solids are classified as ___________

a) crystalline and ionic solids

b) metallic and amorphous solids

c) molecular and covalent solids

d) crystalline and amorphous solids

Answer: crystalline and amorphous solids

13. Quartz is an example of ___________

a) molecular solids

b) ionic solids

c) covalent solids

d) metallic solids

Answer: covalent solids

14. Solid carbon dioxide is an example of _________

a) metallic crystal

b) covalent crystal

c) ionic crystal

d) molecular crystal

Answer: molecular crystal

15. In polar molecular solids, the molecules are held together by ________

a) dipole-dipole interactions

b) dispersion forces

c) hydrogen bonds

d) covalent bonds

Answer: dipole-dipole interactions

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