Solid State MCQ For NEET (Calculations Involving Unit Cells Dimensions)

Solid State MCQ For NEET (Calculations Involving Unit Cells Dimensions) for AIIMS, NEET, JEE provides a comprehensive coverage of the fundamental concepts in the fields of Solid State Chemistry. It contains a variety of questions from previous years’ AIIMS, NEET and JEE papers.

Solid State MCQ For NEET (Calculations Involving Unit Cells Dimensions)

1. Lithium forms a BCC lattice with an edge length of 350 pm. The experimental density of lithium is 0.53 g cm-3. What is the percentage of missing lithium atoms? (Atomic mass of Lithium = 7 amu)

a) 97.7%

b) 95.4%

c) 4.6%

d) 2.3%

Answer: 2.3%

2. An element with cell edge of 288 pm has a density of 7.2 g cm-3. What type of structure does the element have if it’s atomic mass M=51.8 g mol-1?

a) Body-Centred Cubic (BCC)

b) Face-Centred Cubic (FCC)

c) Simple Cubic

d) Hexagonal Closed Packing (HCP)

Answer: Body-Centred Cubic (BCC)

3. The radius of an atom of an element is 55 pm. What is the edge length of the unit cell if it is body-centred cubic?

a) 144.6 pm

b) 163.4 pm

c) 127.0 pm

d) 123.5 pm

Answer: 127.0 pm

4. An element of density 8.0 g/cm3 forms an FCC lattice with unit cell edge of 300 pm. Calculate the number of atoms present in 0.5kg of the element.

a) 95 x 1023 atoms

b) 93.59 x 1023 atoms

c) 92.59 x 1023 atoms

d) 91.38 x 1023 atoms

Answer: 92.59 x 1023 atoms

5. A metal crystallizes into two cubic phases BCC and FCC. The ratio of densities of FCC and BCC is equal to 1.5. Calculate the difference between the unit cell lengths of the FCC and BCC crystals if the edge length of the FCC crystal is equal to 4.0 Å.

a) 0.5 Å

b) 0.37 Å

c) 0. 28 Å

d) 0.73 Å

Answer: 0.37 Å

6. If the radius of a Chloride ion is 0.154 nm, then what is the maximum size of a cation that can fit in each of its octahedral voids?

a) 1.15 x 10-1 nm

b) 1.21 x 10-1 nm

c) 1.18 x 10-1 nm

d) 1.13 x 10-1 nm

Answer: 1.13 x 10-1 nm

7. Rubidium Chloride (RbCl) has NaCl like structure at normal pressures. If the radius of the Chloride ion is 1.54 Å, what is the unit cell edge length for RbCl? (Assuming anion-anion contact)

a) 4.25 Å

b) 4.78 Å

c) 4.32 Å

d) 5.14 Å

Answer: 4.32 Å

8. Aluminium crystallises in a face-centred cubic lattice. The edge length of the unit cell of aluminium is 4.05 x 10-10m. What is the density of aluminium? (Atomic mass of Al=27)

a) 2700 kg m-3

b) 3000 kg m-3

c) 2400 kg m-3

d) 2100 kg m-3

Answer: 2700 kg m-3

9. Gold (atomic mass 197 u) crystallises in a face-centred unit cell. What is its atomic radius if the edge length of the gold unit cell is 0.407 x 10-9m?

a) 0.115 nm

b) 0.144 nm

c) 0.235 nm

d) 0.156 nm

Answer: 0.144 nm

10. A metal X has a BCC structure with nearest neighbor distance 365.9 pm. What is metal X if its density is 1.0016 g cm-3?

a) Aluminum

b) Magnesium

c) Sodium

d) Potassium

Answer: Sodium

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